A debate on Interpretation and Legal Theory

by Francesca on 19/06/2008

I bring to your attention a debate on famous Marmor’s book, Interpretation and Legal Theory, recently published in Analisi e diritto 2007

As Canale and Tuzet write
Andrei Marmor’s Interpretation and Legal Theory (2 ed. 2005) is one of the most interesting outcomes of the reflection on legal interpretation in contemporary analytical jurisprudence.

On the one hand, the book is basically conceived of as a critical assessment of Dworkin’s interpretive turn in legal theory, but, on the other, it offers many original and deep insights into the most important issues related to legal interpretation, such as the nature of legal prescriptions, the relation between interpretive sentences and theoretical sentences, the connection between interpretation, authority and morality, the nature of the legislature’s intentions, and the features of constitutional interpretation.

The volume provides therefore a propitious basis for discussing not only the issues mentioned, but also the way in which they are usually looked at within the analytical jurisprudence tradition”.

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